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10 June 2023

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Towns maps: Russia

Dikaya Myata(Wild Mint) 2014 fest map

Dikaya Myata(Wild Mint) music festival map. This 2014 year Alex Clare,«Too Close», NOHA «To Cafe»,«Brainstorm», «Mgzavrebi», «Therr Maitz ». Free oline map of Dikaya Myata(Wild Mint) 2014 fest map. Free download Dikaya Myata(Wild Mint) 2014 fest map.

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Towns maps: Tunis

Mahdia hotels map

Mahdia is a Tunisian coastal city, south of Monastir and southeast of Sousse. Mahdia tranquil resort is suitable for families, as Mahdia different white sand beaches that are not heated by the sun and beautiful parklands. Mahdia sufficiently large fishing port of Tunis, known exotic fishing in the moonlight, every day here in the fish fair you can buy and taste fresh fish. There is a diving center with a boat trip. Children will enjoy the children"s amusement park and zoo. Free oline map of Mahdia hotels map. Streets and houses, free downloadMahdia hotels map.

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Towns maps: Ukraine

Mineral waters and resorts around Svalyava

Svaljava district center in the Transcarpathian region . Around the city are many sources of alkaline carbonate waters as "Borjomi" . Mineral water from these sources is used both for drinking and for bathing. The climate in Svalyave as throughout Transcarpathia mild temperate continental. There are many castles in Transcarpathia , next to the castle is Svalyavy Sch?nborn, Chynadiyivskyy and Mukachevo castle Palanok also located near Borzhavsky pass which has several interesting tourist destinations . Near the village Vovche is a trout farm where you can for a small fee to catch trout, which you then cook . You can also go to Lumshory vats are known for their therapeutic mineral water. Free oline map of Mineral waters and resorts around Svalyava. Free download Mineral waters and resorts around Svalyava.

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Towns maps: Poland

Forts of Przemysl (Cycling Route)

Przemysl fortress was a series of fortifications constructed at Przemysl by the Austro-Hungarian Empire from the mid 19th century until the First World War. In 1914 Przemysl had three lines of defence of which the outer ring, with a circumference of 45km, had 17 main forts. Free oline map of Forts of Przemysl (Cycling Route). Free download Forts of Przemysl (Cycling Route).

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Towns maps: Bulgaria

Sunny Beach (hotels, restaurants, night clubs)

Sunny Beach hotels, restaurants, night clubs map (Plan of Sunny Beach hotels, restaurants, night clubs).
Sunny Beach is the best, the largest and most popular seaside resort on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. It is popular amongst young people for its nightlife. Sunny Beach Lunapark is an amusement park in the center. The most extreme attractions are the roller coaster, Carousel DISK'O, a Booster and many others. The Golden Orpheus International Festival of Popular Song, the Decade of Symphonic Music, part of the International Folklore Festival, fashion-shows and various beach competitions are held there.
Sights:. ancient town Nesebar (Nessebar, Nesebur, Mesembria).
Accomodation:. hotels, resorts.
Activities:. aqua park, beach bars and night clubs (Cacao Beach, Bedroom Beach Club, Briliantin Beach Bar) .
Free oline map of Sunny Beach (hotels, restaurants, night clubs). Free download Sunny Beach (hotels, restaurants, night clubs).

Map online - Sunny Beach (hotels, restaurants, night clubs)  >>>>>>>


Towns maps: Turkey


Turkey map (Plan of Turkey).
Turkey is a contiguous transcontinental country, located in Asia and in Europe. There are such seas near Turkey: Mediterranean Sea, the Aegean Sea, Black Sea and The Sea of Marmara. Tourism in Turkey constitutes an important part of the economy. Turkey is a popular destination for culture and spa tourism, it has many interesting historical sites and seaside resorts. Most beach resorts are located near Antalya. One of the best resort towns are Bodrum, Fethiye, Marmaris, Didim and Alanya.
Sights:. ancient Greek cities, mosques, mountains, underground cities.
Accomodation:. hotels, resorts.
Activities:. sunbathing, diving, skiing.
Free oline map of Turkey. Free download Turkey.

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