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15 August 2018

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Towns maps: Ukraine


Khotyn map (Plan of Khotyn). Khotyn is a city in Chernivtsi Oblast of Ukraine, it is the administrative center of the Khotynskyi Raion (district) Sights: Khotyn fortress (XIIIXV century), princely palace (XV century), chapel (XV century), military cemetery. Free oline map of Khotyn. Streets and houses, free downloadKhotyn.

Map online - Khotyn  >>>>>>>


Khmelnytskyi (Khmelnitskiy, Khmelnitsky or Khmelnytskyy)

Khmelnytskyi map (Plan of Khmelnytskyi). "Khmelnytskyi is a city in Ukraine, it is the center of the Khmelnytskyi Oblast. Sights: Proskurivska street, The house of the former Oleksiyivske real school (now it is the building of the City Executive Committee), The house of O. Brusilov (now is the House of Ceremonial events), The church of Christmas of the Virgin (the first stone construction in the city), The Protection cathedral, Saint-Georgiy church." Free oline map of Khmelnytskyi (Khmelnitskiy, Khmelnitsky or Khmelnytskyy). Streets and houses, free downloadKhmelnytskyi (Khmelnitskiy, Khmelnitsky or Khmelnytskyy).

Map online - Khmelnytskyi (Khmelnitskiy, Khmelnitsky or Khmelnytskyy)  >>>>>>>



Eupatoria (Yevpatoria) map (Plan of Eupatoria (Yevpatoria)). Eupatoria (Yevpatoria) is a city in Crimea, Ukraine. Eupatoria has spas of mineral water, salt and mud lakes. Sights: Mosque of Dzhuma-Dzhami, Tekke of dervishes, Turkish bath-houses, kyarizy (the ancient plumbing). Free oline map of Eupatoria. Streets and houses, free downloadEupatoria.

Map online - Eupatoria  >>>>>>>



Kherson map (Plan of Kherson). "Kherson is a city in southern Ukraine. Sights: Kherson TV Tower, Spaskiy Cathedral (1781), Adziogol Lighthouse, hyperboloid structure designed by V.G.Shukhov (1911). " Free oline map of Kherson. Streets and houses, free downloadKherson.

Map online - Kherson  >>>>>>>



Donetsk map (Plan of Donetsk). Donetsk is a large city in eastern Ukraine, it is a center of Donetsk Oblast. It is an important industrial centre for coal and steel in Ukraine. Museums: Donetsk regional museum of art, Donetsk regional museum, Museum of history and development of the Donetsk railway, Museum of Communications. Free oline map of Donetsk. Streets and houses, free downloadDonetsk.

Map online - Donetsk  >>>>>>>


Solotvyno (Slatina, Aknaszlatina, Slatinske Doly)

Solotvyno Google map. Solotvyno (Slatina, Aknaszlatina, Солотвино, Slatinske Doly) is a village in the Tiachiv Raion in the Zakarpattia Oblast of Ukraine, located close to the border with Romania, on the right bank of the Tisza River. The village's name comes from the nearby salt mine. Free oline map of Solotvyno (Slatina, Aknaszlatina, Slatinske Doly). Streets and houses, free downloadSolotvyno (Slatina, Aknaszlatina, Slatinske Doly).

Map online - Solotvyno (Slatina, Aknaszlatina, Slatinske Doly)  >>>>>>>


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