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15 August 2018

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Towns maps: Ukraine

Truskavets (Truskavets; Truskawiec)

Truskavets (Truskavets; Truskawiec) map (Plan of Truskavets (Truskavets; Truskawiec)).
Truskavets (Truskavets; Truskawiec) is a city in western Ukraine's Lviv Oblast. It is famous for its mineral springs, which have made it one of Ukraine's great resorts.
Sights:. -.
Accomodation:. hotels, health resorts.
Activities:. -.
Free oline map of Truskavets (Truskavets; Truskawiec). Streets and houses, free downloadTruskavets (Truskavets; Truskawiec).

Map online - Truskavets (Truskavets; Truskawiec)  >>>>>>>



Poltava map (Plan of Poltava).
Poltava is a city in central Ukraine.
Sights:. city cathedral, Poltava Battle museum.
Accomodation:. hotels.
Activities:. -.
Free oline map of Poltava. Streets and houses, free downloadPoltava.

Map online - Poltava  >>>>>>>



Kramatorsk map (Plan of Kramatorsk).
Kramatorsk is an industrial city in the eastern Ukraine.
Sights:. -.
Accomodation:. hotels.
Activities:. -.
Free oline map of Kramatorsk. Streets and houses, free downloadKramatorsk.

Map online - Kramatorsk  >>>>>>>


Lviv (Lvov)

Lviv (Lvov) map (Plan of Lviv (Lvov).
Lviv is one of the main cultural centres of Ukraine. The historic city centre is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
Sights:. Lviv Opera and Ballet Theatre; Market Square (Ploshcha Rynok); Black House (Chorna Kamyanytsia); Armenian Cathedral; Korniakt Palace; Latin Cathedral; St. George's Cathedral of the Greek-Catholic Church; Dominican Church; Chapel of the Boim family; Lviv High Castle (;Vysokyi Zamok); Lychakivskiy Cemetery.
Accomodation:. hotels, hostels, apartments.
Activities:. restaurants, night clubs.
Free oline map of Lviv (Lvov). Streets and houses, free downloadLviv (Lvov).

Map online - Lviv (Lvov)  >>>>>>>


Kachanivka (Kachanovka) (preserve)

Kachanivka (Kachanovka) (preserve) map (Plan of Kachanivka (Kachanovka) (preserve)).
The Kachanivka Park spreads over an area of 570 hectares which makes it the biggest park in Ukraine and one of the biggest in Europe. The central architectural landmark of the estate is a palace built in the classicist style of the early 19th century. Also there is a typical early-nineteenth century church.
Sights:. park, palace, church.
Accomodation:. -.
Activities:. -.
Free oline map of Kachanivka (Kachanovka) (preserve). Free download Kachanivka (Kachanovka) (preserve).

Map online - Kachanivka (Kachanovka) (preserve)  >>>>>>>


Gogolevo (Nikolai Gogol museum)

Gogolevo (Nikolai Gogol museum) map (Plan of Gogolevo (Nikolai Gogol museum)).
Nikolai Gogol was one of the greatest writers of the golden age of Russian Literature.
Sights:. museum.
Accomodation:. -.
Activities:. -.
Free oline map of Gogolevo (Nikolai Gogol museum). Streets and houses, free downloadGogolevo (Nikolai Gogol museum).

Map online - Gogolevo (Nikolai Gogol museum)  >>>>>>>


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