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16 April 2021

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Towns maps: Turkey


Side map (Plan of Side). Side was an ancient Greek city on the southern Mediterranean coast. It is now a resort town and one of the best-known classical sites in Turkey. There's a good variety of hotel and apartments to choose from. The evening brings numerous bars and discos to life in the old town, with the hotels providing some shows and cabaret. Free oline map of Side. Streets and houses, free downloadSide.

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Southern Baths of Perge

Southern Baths of Perge map (Plan of Southern Baths of Perge).
The southern baths of Perge were the the largest public baths in the ancient region of Pamphylia.
Sights:. 0.
Accomodation:. -.
Activities:. -.
Free oline map of Southern Baths of Perge. Free download Southern Baths of Perge.

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Turkey map (Plan of Turkey).
Turkey is a contiguous transcontinental country, located in Asia and in Europe. There are such seas near Turkey: Mediterranean Sea, the Aegean Sea, Black Sea and The Sea of Marmara. Tourism in Turkey constitutes an important part of the economy. Turkey is a popular destination for culture and spa tourism, it has many interesting historical sites and seaside resorts. Most beach resorts are located near Antalya. One of the best resort towns are Bodrum, Fethiye, Marmaris, Didim and Alanya.
Sights:. ancient Greek cities, mosques, mountains, underground cities.
Accomodation:. hotels, resorts.
Activities:. sunbathing, diving, skiing.
Free oline map of Turkey. Free download Turkey.

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