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22 April 2019

Mineral waters and resorts around Svalyava, Ukraine - Town map


Mineral waters and resorts around Svalyava

Svaljava district center in the Transcarpathian region . Around the city are many sources of alkaline carbonate waters as "Borjomi" . Mineral water from these sources is used both for drinking and for bathing. The climate in Svalyave as throughout Transcarpathia mild temperate continental. There are many castles in Transcarpathia , next to the castle is Svalyavy Sch?nborn, Chynadiyivskyy and Mukachevo castle Palanok also located near Borzhavsky pass which has several interesting tourist destinations . Near the village Vovche is a trout farm where you can for a small fee to catch trout, which you then cook . You can also go to Lumshory vats are known for their therapeutic mineral water. Full map - Mineral waters and resorts around Svalyava  >>>>>>>

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